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Chemical Hygiene Plan


Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) wants researchers to create the lab's Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) through the EHS website.


CHP Materials


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Labs are required to create SOPs to document work with hazardous chemicals (biological, chemical or radiological), operations requiring prior approval, or working with hazardous laboratory equipment/instrumentation.  SOP's are required to be laboratory specific and should reflect how the lab is using the chemical(s), equipment, or instrumentation.

EHS has a template available for labs to assist them in making a SOP.  I recommend putting the information in a Word Document and copying the material to the template.  


CBC has a list of chemicals and instrumentation that require an SOP.  This list will be modified as needed.  Other SOPs needed in the lab can be determined by a hazard assessment.  


CBC Safety Inspections

In addition to yearly EHS inspections and monthly PPE inspections, I will conduct my own safety inspections of each CBC lab.  

Information on what will be addressed during the inspection.