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Chemistry Education

Chemistry education broadly focuses on three interconnected research threads: (1) investigating processes of chemistry learning, teaching and ways of being; (2) determining the efficacy and fidelity of interventions with robustly designed assessments and instruments; and (3) leveraging evidence, theory, and philosophy to advance experiences in chemistry. The Chemistry Education faculty at The Ohio State University draw upon multiple fields of study and uses qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method approaches to better understand and support learning and teaching from cognitive, affective, and sociocultural perspectives. Within the division, you will find various projects involving engagement with students, teaching assistants, faculty, curricular design principles, professional development, policy, and systems undergirding higher education.

Research Areas

  • Equity- and justice-based research
  • Identity research
  • Participatory action research



Josie Nardo

Josie Nardo

We investigate learning environments in terms of understanding students' belonging and rightful presence in chemistry and STEM fields broadly by using lenses that engage with structures and power. Our research leverages decolonizing approaches in qualitative and quantitative methods to understand how the lived experiences of students who are historically underserved can inform our understanding of oppressive norms and practices of chemistry. We intend to use our research to work with stakeholders and community-academic partners to support systemic change. 

  • Chemistry Education Research
  • Place-Based Pedagogies
  • Belonging and Rightful Presence

Matthew Wu

Matthew Wu

We investigate enacted laboratory pedagogy in the micro-moments between teaching assistants and students. Our research leverages video-based research principles, post-qualitative analysis, as well as education theory and philosophy to transform laboratory curriculum, develop novel instructional resources, and advance equity/excellence in chemistry. Our goal is to empower both students and teaching assistants for world readiness and realize a chemistry that is meaningfully for all.

  • Chemistry Education Research
  • Research-based Instructional Strategies
  • Professional Development