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Training and Information

Mandatory Safety Training

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry requires safety training for faculty and staff.  The required training depends on your position type and research focus. 

For Laboratory Staff 

  • Faculty, laboratory staff, post-docs, visiting scholars, and contractors can take advantage of the EHS Online training modules.  At a minimium, the Lab Standard and the Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) must be completed.  Other training is at the direction of your PI/manager.
  • Undergraduate Researchers must use the EHS Online training modules. For those Undergraduates that will perform more intensive laboratory duties (such as those found in Organic Chemistry Research Laboratories), the more comprehensive You can also register for the CHEM 6781 in the fall semester (optional and not required).
  • Undergraduate Work Study/Chemical Prep Students must use the EHS Online training modules at the direction of the supervisor.
  • Chemistry 6781  is a required course for graduate students. It is offered every Fall semester (second session).
  • Upon joining a lab, a New Worker Checklist must be completed.
  • Each Laboratory has their own Lab Specific in-lab training.

Non-Laboratory Staff

  • Non-Laboratory Staff must take Hazard Communication and Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) training through EHS.

Building Emergency Action Plans (BEAP)

Plans for all buildings can be found here: https://dps.osu.edu/beap

Faculty Training Sessions

Safety orientation/training for Chemistry faculty and Visiting Professors/Scholars/Lecturers will be offered as needed. 

Individualized Safety Training 

Please contact the Chemical Safety Coordinator, if you would like individualized training.