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Biochemistry Major

As a biochemistry major at Ohio State, you will be taught by internationally recognized faculty and trained in world-class research labs. Along the way, you will receive a first class education, be exposed to cutting edge science, and develop valuable critical thinking skills. For many students, this exposure to research opportunities will culminate in an Undergraduate Research Thesis.  The study of biochemistry provides a good background for further study or employment in many basic science disci¬≠plines, and our two degree paths give students the flexibility to choose pursue any of these options. Many undergraduates in biochemistry go on to profes¬≠sional schools, especially medical schools.

When you graduate from Ohio State with a degree in Biochemistry, you will be positioned to pursue a variety of career paths. You may choose to seek job opportunities immediately upon graduation, enter a graduate program where you can pursue a PhD in biochemistry or biochemistry-related areas, or seek a professional degree in a field such as medicine, pharmacy, engineering, business, or law. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you realize your career aspirations.