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Dual Degree Program

New Dual Degree PhD Program between OSU and the University of São Paulo

Join the Dual Degree PhD Program between the Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry (CBC) at The Ohio State University and the University of São Paulo (IQ-USP), Brazil, and enjoy the opportunity to do research abroad.

Overall objective

Provide Graduate Students in both programs a unique opportunity to do research at the partner university for at least 4 semesters and earn a dual PhD degree from both universities.

How it works

As a qualified graduate student you will:

  • start your first 4 semesters at IQ-USP and then move to CBC-OSU to continue and complete your graduate studies with a Ph.D. thesis
  • start your first 4 semesters at CBC-OSU and then move to IQ-USP to continue and complete your graduate studies with a Ph.D. thesis
  • take certain courses and the candidacy exam at both institutions
  • conduct research at both institutions
  • receive a dual PhD degree, awarded by each of the institutions, once all the respective requirements have been satisfactorily completed   


Number of positions each year

Up to 5 PhD students from OSU and IQ-USP will be selected per year (for application information, see below).

Motivations and benefits

  • Engage in an international collaboration
  • Learn new research skills and deepen your research experience
  • Learn new experimental or computational methods to benefit your research
  • Use advanced research infrastructure at partner university
  • Get to know different culture, language, and people
  • Build distinct resume

Ideal starting time for a graduate student

At beginning of your 3rd Year

For CBC-OSU students who would like to join IQ-USP, please visit: http://iq.usp.br/portaliqusp/?q=en

Specific information for students from IQ-USP joining CBC-OSU

Costs associated with a graduate student's commitments at CBC-OSU, including tuition, fees and living expenses, will be covered by CBC-OSU. Support will be in the form of designation as Graduate Research Associate (GRA) or Graduate Teaching Associate (GTA).

Step-by-step Application Guide



If you have questions, please contact the Dual Degree Committee Chair, Dr. Rafael Brüschweiler (bruschweiler.1@osu.edu) or the Vice-Chair for Graduate Studies, Dr. Christine Thomas (thomas.3877@osu.edu).