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Obtaining Safety Glasses and Laser Glasses

The department's Eye Protection Policy [pdf] has been in place since 1991 and is enforced with monthly inspections.  

Eye Protection Options

The Safety Office will provide eye protection in most cases.  We have several options available:

1) Chemical splash goggles of various styles along with standard face shields.
2) Plano (non-prescription) safety glasses and Over-the-Glasses safety glasses that fit over regular glasses.  These glasses are designed for impact only (and not for chemical splashes).
3) Prescription safety glasses with permanently attached top and side shields (again, not designed for chemical splashes).  

Obtaining a Pair of Prescription Safety Glasses 

  • You must be faculty, staff, a graduate student or post-doc.  In other words, undergraduate researchers, work-study students, temporary help (such as those working in the Chem Prep area and TA's from other departments) ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR SAFETY GLASSES (they must obtain appropriate eye protection from their supervisor).

  • If you haven't had an eye exam within the last two years, or if you need an eye exam, you should make an appointment.  Otherwise, bring a hard copy of your prescription with you. The Chemistry Department does NOT pay for eye exams; they are your responsibility. The Chemistry Department DOES pay for safety lenses and frames (up to "Group G"). 

  • If you want to "upgrade" your frames or lenses, you may write a check (or supply a credit card number) to Select Optical at the time your appointment.

  • If you need special lens (progressive, etc) , please reach out to the Chemical Safety Coordinator before submitting your Workday Request. 

  • The preferred vendor is the OSU Optometry Clinic (1664 Neil Avenue Columbus, OH 43210... (614) 292-2020). You must submit a non-catalog request using Workday (see the instructions below).  

  • If you choose another one of the approved vendors you will have to pay for the lenses and frames upfront and then get reimbursed by the Department.  You must obtain authorization from Amy Moore to order prescription safety glasses from another vendor.

  • Once your requisition is approved, you can call OSU Optometry  to make an appointment to get fitted for your safety glasses. 

  • When you go OSU Optometry to get fitted, take the Purchase Order (PO) number with you.  If you have any questions about getting a requisition set up or finding your PO number, please reach out.

List of Prescription Glasses Providers


Getting Laser Glasses

  • Make sure you read the Department's Eye Protection Policy [pdf]. Please take the proper EHS training modules to work with lasers 

  • You should have a clear understanding of the types of lasers you will be working with and more importantly the specific wavelengths you may encounter.

  • If you wear corrective lenses you will need a copy of your prescription.

  • If you do not wear corrective lenses or if your prescription does not include the PD (pupilary distance) you will need to measured. The PD determines the size of the frames. Simply go to the OSU Optometry Clinic (Room 137 Fry Hall 338 W. Tenth Avenue) and ask to have your PD measured.

  • Call or e-mail the Safety Coordinator to order the glasses.