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Flame Resistant PPE

In laboratories that utilize pyrophoric and water reactive chemicals outside of the glove box, the following PPE is required at a minimum:

Eye Protection

  1. ANSI Z87.1 Compliant safety glasses or chemical splash goggles (Ordinary prescription glasses do not provide adequate protection.
  2. If the potential for explosion or splashes exists, a face shield should be worn.

Skin Protection

  1. Avoid wearing synthetic clothing, such as nylon or polyester while working with pyrophorics or open flames.
  2. Long pants and closed toe/closed heel shoes that cover the legs and ankles must be worn.
  3. Flame-resistant (FR) lab coats (NPFA 2112 compliant) shall be worn.  
  4. A combination of FR liners covered with chemical resistant disposable gloves (Nitrile or other glove as noted in SDS) must be worn at all times.  Approved FR liners are Ansell Kevlar Goldknit lightweight 70-200. 

Please see the safety office if you need an FR lab coat or glove liners.