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Title Investigators Technologies
Dirhodium Compounds for the Catalytic Production of Hydrogen Claudia Turro Other Technologies
Faster Infrared Cancer Probe James Coe Licensed Technologies
High Capacity Anodes for Lithium Storage Anne Co Other Technologies
Hydrogen Bonding Polymers for Nucleic Acid Packaging, Isolation and Delivery Dennis Bong Other Technologies
Immunomodulating agents engineered from Notch receptor ligands: novel immunostimulatory anticancer agents and immunosuppressants Thomas Magliery Available Technologies
Optimized Sequences and Purification Methods for Stable, High-Affinity diabody Antibody Fragments That Bind to the Human Adenocarcinoma Marker TAG-72 Thomas Magliery Licensed Technologies
A Composite Semiconducting Metal Oxide Sensor for Detection and Analysis of Trace Ammonia Prabir Dutta Licensed Technologies
A Method for Preventing Metal Dendrite Penetration in Sodium and Potassium Air Batteries Yiying Wu Other Technologies
A New Class of Electrolyte for Potassium Air Battery Yiying Wu Other Technologies
A New Concept for RNA Interference-Based Therapies Kotaro Nakanishi Other Technologies
A new electrolyte for the sodium-oxygen battery with good cycle life Yiying Wu Other Technologies
A robust high temperature semiconducting CO sensor Prabir Dutta Available Technologies
A Scalable Method for Synthesizing Molecules Containing Disulfido Molybdenum and their Catalytic Applications Yiying Wu Other Technologies
A Stable and Safe Potassium Anode Used for Potassium-air Batteries Yiying Wu Other Technologies
Absolute Minimal Sampling of Homonuclear 2D NMR TOCSY Spectra for High-Throughput Applications of Complex Mixtures Rafael Brüschweiler Available Technologies
Acetic Acid Production from the Direct Conversion of Carbon Dioxide Anne Co Other Technologies
Alcohol Production from Carbon Dioxide Anne Co Available Technologies
Assay for PRMT5 Methyltransferase Activity Jane Jackman Licensed Technologies
Aza-peptide Aldehydes and Ketones: A New Class of Inhibitors for Proteases Christopher Hadad Available Technologies
Aza-peptide Aldehydes and Ketones: A New Class of Inhibitors for Proteases Özlem Doğan Ekici Available Technologies
Carbohydrate Background Removal Metabolomics Samples Rafael Brüschweiler Other Technologies
Carbon Nanoparticles: Filled Polyacrylonitrile Electrospun Stationary Phase for Ultrathin Layer Chromatography (UTLC) Susan Olesik Other Technologies
CO2 Reduction to Acetate on Mixed Metal Oxide Catalyst Robert Baker Available Technologies
Completely Inorganic Hierarchical Meso and Microporous Zeolite Architectures Prabir Dutta Licensed Technologies
Development of a strain for high throughput screening of YidC inhibitors (available for non-exclusive licensing) Ross Dalbey Available Technologies
Development of Hydrophobic Paper Spray Ionization for Direct Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Bio-fluid Samples Abraham Badu-Tawiah Other Technologies
Development of Non-Foaming High Strength, Single Component Methacrylate/Polyurethane Adhesive Jon Parquette Available Technologies
Development of Novel Carbon Media for Separation Based on the Self-Assembly and Self-Polymerization Properties of Functionalized Octatetrayne Susan Olesik Other Technologies
Development of Novel Ionic Probes for Direct Analysis Large-Molecular-Weight Analytes from Biofluids and Tissues Using Ambient Mass Spectrometry Abraham Badu-Tawiah Other Technologies
Double-Acceptor Organic Dye for p-type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Yiying Wu Other Technologies
Efficient Protein Removal in Human Serum by Charged Nanoparticles for Metabolomics Rafael Brüschweiler Other Technologies
Electrochemical Ammonia Sensor Based on Silver Loaded Zeolite Y Electrolyte Prabir Dutta Other Technologies
Electrochemical Thermoelectric Generator Anne Co Other Technologies
Electrolyte to Enable Reversible Dendrite-Free Potassium Plating and Stripping for Potassium Secondary Batteries Yiying Wu Available Technologies
Electrophiles for Re-activation of Aged Acetylcholinesterase Christopher Hadad Available Technologies
Electroreductive Recycling of Triphenylphosphine Oxide to Triphenylphosphine Christo Sevov Available Technologies
Electrospun Fiber-coated Solid Phase Microextraction Fibers Susan Olesik Available Technologies
Enhanced-Fluidity Liquids for Electrospray Ionization Susan Olesik Other Technologies
Epitaxial Growth and Transfer of Large Area Single-Crystalline Few-Layer MoS2 for Electronics and Optoelectronics Yiying Wu Other Technologies
Expansion of Nucleic Acid Function with High Affinity Targeting Prosthetic Groups Dennis Bong Other Technologies
Fast Infrared Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR), Laser-Based Probe and Discriminating Software to Detect Tumors in Resected Tissues James Coe Licensed Technologies
Fibrous Materials for Ambient Ionization Using Hydrophobic Paper Rectangles and Threads Abraham Badu-Tawiah Other Technologies
Flexible self-powered fabric for on demand generation of chemicals such as peroxide Anne Co Available Technologies
Germanium Graphane Semiconductor (available for non-exclusive licensing) Joshua Goldberger Available Technologies
High Surface Area Catalysts for Fuel Cells Anne Co Available Technologies
Highly Potent Nanozeolite-Based Silver Antimicrobials Prabir Dutta Licensed Technologies
Homogeneous Carbon as Stationary Phase for Liquid Chromatography Susan Olesik Other Technologies
Humidity interference-free high temperature CO2 sensor Prabir Dutta Available Technologies
Immobilization of Biomolecules (Rubisco) by Self-Assembled Nanostructures Jon Parquette Other Technologies
Ion-Conductive Oxygen-Blocking Separators for Metal-Air Batteries Yiying Wu Other Technologies
Ionizing Surface Potentiometry I-SPY Heather Allen Other Technologies
Low-Cost Photo-Rechargeable Batteries Yiying Wu Other Technologies
Method for High Yield Synthesis of Nano Zeolites Prabir Dutta Other Technologies
Method for treatment of diseases of central nervous system (CNS) and improvement of cognitive function by nanoscaffolds Jon Parquette Available Technologies
Method of Separating Metal Nanoparticles with Neutral Surface Coatings Susan Olesik Other Technologies
Method to improve efficiency and specificity of human tumor targeting and elimination by using a combination of split & splice protein toxins and oncolytic viruses Dmitri Kudryashov Available Technologies
Methodology for Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles on Nanometer-Sized Supports Prabir Dutta Licensed Technologies
Methods for Rapid Synthesis of Non-aggregated Nanocrystalline Zeolites and Application to Fabrication of Bendable Zeolite Membranes Prabir Dutta Licensed Technologies
Mild Synthesis of Potassium Superoxide and its Composites with Carbon Yiying Wu Other Technologies
Molecularly Imprinted Pyrolyzed Photoresist - A Molecularly Imprinted Carbon Susan Olesik Other Technologies
Multi-Component Surfactant Solution for Cleaning Glass Surfaces Christopher Callam Licensed Technologies
N-Substituted Auxiliaries as Mediators for Aerobic Dehydrogenation of Tetrahydroisoquinolines Abraham Badu-Tawiah Other Technologies
Novel Phosphors for Solid-State Lighting Applications Patrick Woodward Available Technologies
Novel small peptide polarizing agents for dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy Christopher Jaroniec Available Technologies
Novel Spin Adduct for Free Radical Elimination Christopher Hadad Available Technologies
Optimized Sequences and Purification Methods for Stable, High-Affinity Single-Chain Antibody Fragments that Bind to the Human Adenocarcinoma Marker TAG-72 Thomas Magliery Licensed Technologies
Paper-based Dried Blood Spheroids for Stabilization of Labile Organic Compounds Stored in Ambient Air Abraham Badu-Tawiah Available Technologies
Porous inorganic-organic material for removal of trace carbon dioxide from air or other gas streams Casey Wade Available Technologies
Programmable RNA cleavage using DNA-induced silencing complex, DISC Kotaro Nakanishi Available Technologies
Pyridine and Pyridinium Electrophiles for Re-activation of Aged Acetylcholine Esterase Christopher Hadad Available Technologies
Quadruplex-Based Technology for Mono-Adapter DNA Library Preparation and Isothermal Clone Generation for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Besik Kankia Available Technologies
Rapidly reversible DNA-quadruplex-based molecular capture system Besik Kankia Available Technologies
Real-Time Quadruplex Priming Amplification (QPA) for Nucleic Acid Amplification and Quantification Besik Kankia Available Technologies
Ribonucleic Acid Microarrays for High-throughput Screening, In Vitro Diagnostic and Biosensor Applications Venkat Gopalan Other Technologies
Scalable solution-phase routes to carbides Joshua Goldberger Available Technologies
Self-Assembly of Telechelic Polyisobutylene Polymers for Drag Reduction Jon Parquette Other Technologies
Self-Assembly of Therapeutic-Agent Nanostructures Jon Parquette Available Technologies
Solar Batteries: A Method for Reducing the Charging Overpotential of Lithium-Air Batteries with Solar Energy Yiying Wu Other Technologies
Soluble Inorganic Semiconductors for Solution-Processible Solar Cells, Electronics and Optoelectronics Yiying Wu Other Technologies
Sunscreen Agents and Compositions Prabir Dutta Licensed Technologies
Synthetic apratoxins and novel analogs for anticancer and therapeutic applications Craig Forsyth Available Technologies
Targeted approach for 3'-5' extension of RNA Jane Jackman Other Technologies
Thermogenic Biologicals Treatment of Obesity and Improvement of Insulin Resistance Jon Parquette, Ouliana Ziouzenkova Available Technologies
Thermogenic Compositions and Methods Jon Parquette Available Technologies
Transition Metal Free Alkyne Hydrogenation and Semihydrogenation Catalysts Joshua Goldberger Available Technologies
Ultra-Fast Charging Li-ion Battery Anodes Anne Co Available Technologies
Zeolite/Polymer Composite Membranes for Carbon Dioxide Separations Prabir Dutta Available Technologies