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Peer-led Team Learning (PLTL) in General Chemistry

Chemistry 1612 and 1622 are co-requisite courses to General Chemistry I and II for Majors (CHEM 1610 & 1620, respectively). These courses are designed to enhance the formal learning that takes place in lecture, lab, and recitation, but in a more laid-back, casual environment. Each PLTL section is composed of six to eight first-year chemistry & biochemistry majors and is facilitated by a trained Peer Leader. Our Peer Leaders are current chemistry and biochemistry majors that have successfully completed Chemistry 1610 and 1620 at Ohio State.
Each PLTL Workshop focuses on an activity composed of rich chemistry content that is aligned with current 1610/1620 content.  Peer Leaders facilitate effective collaboration and discussion within the group to reach consensus to the questions rather than arriving at the correct answer immediately. Peer Leaders do not provide formal instruction and workshops are not intended to act as recitation sessions or exam reviews.  Since PLTL is designed to guide students through General Chemistry with minimal time commitment workshops meet only once weekly and are self-contained (no require pre-assignments or homework). 
CHEM 1612 and 1622 also provide an environment for students build community within a diverse group of first-year chemistry & biochemistry majors that will endure throughout students’ time at Ohio State. The mentor/mentee relationship that develops between Peer Leaders and students is one that both have found very valuable.  Peer Leaders truly enjoy mentoring the students, and students have appreciated the perspective of someone who has completed both the general chemistry majors sequence and  freshman year at OSU in general.  Many discussions will revolve around topics that aren’t covered in lecture, like test taking and study skills, how to best utilize instructor office hours, and navigating a large campus.