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Chemistry Instrumentation Support Group

Chemistry Instrumentation Support Group | Phone: 614-292-8172


Eric Jackson, Manager | 1130 NW | Phone: 614-292-5787 | ejackson@chemistry.ohio-state.edu

Rick Spagnola | 1130 NW | Phone: 614-247-4485 | spagnola.1@osu.edu

Ali Rahimi | 1130 NW | Phone: 614-292-5068 | rahimiardestani.1@osu.edu

Matthew Linehan | 1130 NW | Phone: 614-292-6705 | linehan.31@osu.edu


Services Provided

We provide support for design, modification, repair and maintenance of electronics and scientific instrumentation. 

We support most instruments and lab equipment, including:
Mass Spectrometers
Controller boards and data acquisition systems
Hot plates, stirrers, ovens, centrifuges, and other lab equipment
Circuit design and circuit board fabrication
Design and construction of custom instrumentation
Microcontrollers and software programming
National Instruments LabVIEW assistance
Power quality surveys
Instrumentation and electronic related consultation


Initiating a Request

Contact us to discuss your problem - feel free to stop in, call, or email us. If your item is transportable by hand or cart, bring it to our shop in NW1130. For very large items that cannot be moved, we will arrange to visit your lab. Please make an effort to clean and prepare the items to be worked on.

To initiate a work request, you will need to both 1) fill out a work order form (link below) with a detailed description, and 2) submit a Workday requisition. In Workday, you can find us in Non-catalog, Request Services, then type Chem Instrument Support Group in the supplier search box.

CISG work order fillable pdf form.


CISG entering a wd request, example and guide.

Project examples

Schematic capture, PCB Layout and Design
Schematic capture, PCB layout and design
PCB Fabrication
PCB fabrication