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Undergraduate Research

Research is an integral part of our curriculum.  Students will carry out short research projects throughout the curriculum in their regular classes, and are encouraged to work in faculty research labs to pursue an independent research project that can culminate in an undergraduate thesis.  Many students choose to perform research with Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty, while others choose to pursue research opportunities elsewhere.   Ohio State offers well-equipped laboratories which contain sophisticated instrumentation for research.  Whenever our department is made aware of research opportunities for our students, whether the opportunity is within the department, elsewhere within the university, or at another institution, students can find it on our Undergraduate Blog

Participation in undergraduate research benefits students educationally, professionally, and personally.

Educational benefits include:

  • Working closely with a faculty mentor
  • Learning about issues, methods, and leaders in students' chosen fields
  • Putting coursework knowledge to practice
  • Sharpening problem-solving skills
  • Learning to read and interpert primary scientific literature

Professional benefits include:

  • Exploring and preparing for future careers
  • Developing marketable skills
  • Enhancing professional communication skills including public speaking and technical writing
  • Collaborating with others and working effectively as part of a team

Personal benefits include:

  • Growing as a critical, analytical, and independent thinker
  • Meeting challenges and demonstrating the ability to complete a project
  • Discovering personal interests
  • Developing internal standards of excellence

Students who are conducting research within the Department of Chemistry & Biochemisty are required to complete safety training, and may be required to complete additional trainings.  Please consult your PI and the training section of the department website for additional information.